Expertise and curation

ReadWriteWeb passes along thoughts on expertise and blogging from entrepreneur and publisher Jason Calacanis:

Web 3.0: The Age of Expertise

“You have to have a deep understanding to be a blogger,” Calacanis said.

Calacanis thinks that Web 3.0 will be the “Age of Expertise.” Blogging brought about the era of Web 2.0 where people who may not have had a voice before could publish whatever they want. The rise of kittens on the Web, for instance. Add the ability to comment on stories and then share them through social media and Web 2.0 was the Age of Interactivity.

“The concept of journalism is going away,” Calacanis said. “It is not enough to be a writer. You need to be a writer and an expert.”

I’m working on an essay here about how to better assess the credibility of claims and arguments, so I won’t say much here except this: as we move into the age of expertise, there’s a heck of a lot of room for innovation in terms of curation. Block quotes and link roundups are great, but there will be tons of room to not just aggregate but organize and synthesize expert comment going forward.

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