Selected Writing & Projects

Below you’ll find a list of some of the things I’m most interested in and have been writing about or otherwise working on.

Media innovation

2016 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University

In 2016 I had the chance to dedicate six weeks to researching how natural language processing and machine learning might change explanatory journalism. It was part of a year-plus part-time inquiry, conducted largely in my spare time. During the fellowship, I interviewed 40+ journalists, technologists, academics, and entrepreneurs. Here’s a piece I wrote based on that research:

Why AI Can’t Write This Article (Yet), HBR

More on media innovation:

Hacking consensus: How we can build better arguments online, Nieman Lab

Machine learning and AI

The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence, HBR (edited)

Andrew Ng: What AI Can and Can’t Do, HBR (edited)

What Every Manager Should Know About Machine Learning, HBR (edited)

A Guide to Solving Social Problems with Machine Learning, HBR (edited)

How AI Fits Into Your Data Science Team, HBR (interview with Hilary Mason)

When Your Boss Wears Metal Pants, HBR

Experts Have No Idea if Robots Will Steal Your Job, HBR

How to Spot a Machine Learning Opportunity Even if You’re Not a Data Scientist, HBR (edited)

Decision-making, prediction, and algorithms

What Research Tells Us About Making Accurate Predictions, HBR

Question Certainty, HBR

3 Ways to Make Better Decisions, HBR

How Our Company Learned to Make Better Predictions About Everything , HBR (edited)

A Simple Tool for Making Better Forecasts, HBR (edited)

Why I think the Vox crew is too cynical about bias and belief, blog

Here’s Why People Trust Human Judgment Over Algorithms, HBR

What to Do When People Draw Different Conclusions From the Same Data, HBR

Entrepreneurship and innovation policy

Welfare Makes America More Entrepreneurial, The Atlantic

Why Cutting Taxes Won’t Make America More Innovative, HBR

Research: Want More Entrepreneurs? Make College Cheaper, HBR

If Your Kids Get Free Health Care, You’re More Likely to Start a Company, HBR

How France Used Unemployment Benefits to Kickstart Entrepreneurship, HBR

Advancing Equity and Inclusion through Social Insurance, panel moderator

Obama Push on Advanced Manufacturing Stirs Economic Debate, MIT Technology Review

What’s Wrong With Washington Playing Venture Capitalist?, The Atlantic


Corporations in the Age of Inequality, HBR (edited)

Competition is on the Decline and It’s Fueling Inequality, HBR (interview with Jason Furman)

Understanding the Debate Over Inequality, Skills, and the Rise of the 1%, HBR

Corporate Inequality is the Defining Fact of Business Today, HBR

Do CEOs Really Have the Power to Raise Wages?, HBR

Industry concentration, superstar firms, and market power

Several of the pieces listed under inequality address this topic, but here are a few more:

Making Sense of Our Very Competitive, Super Monopolistic Economy, HBR

A reading list on market power, superstar firms, and inequality, blog

Research: The Rise of Superstar Firms Has Been Better for Investors than for Employees, HBR (edited)

A Study of 16 Countries Shows That the Most Productive Firms (and Their Employees) Are Pulling Away from Everyone Else, HBR (edited)

Mergers May Be Profitable, but Are They Good for the Economy?, HBR (edited)

Collaboration, open source, and peer production

Can the Internet Bring the Beginning of the End of Selfishness?, The Atlantic

Markets and Networks, blog

How Wikipedia Keeps Political Discourse from Turning Ugly, HBR (edited)

Attracting Top Contributors to an Open Innovation Project, HBR